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Alex Exposes Photos Of All The Ladies He Has Slept With

Alex Baale Exposes Photos Of All The Ladies He Has Slept With

A facebook user named Baale Alex Gattusso  has just put all the women he has been having sex with on blast, he posted a photo gallery of them and bragged about sleeping with them, trust angry facebookers to tear him apart in the comment box, below are some of the comments he received
Bianco Solomons Cheating is disrespectful and disgusting… it doesn’t make you look ‘cool’ YOU’RE JUST AN IDIOT…I can’t believe some guys actually ‘support’ this kind of behavior.

Banjo Abims Free the guy Abeg, what is he offering the hoes that they are all flocking around him???…….. HIV indeed, how many Hoes Tiger Wood had?….. He should just watch out cos he is gonna end up with the baddest of them all, and that one is going to fuck his life up…. That’s how it all ends….. All these falafolo ends up badly
Caroline Leitch I am sure his muma loves him, but that is a skinny yet also somehow flabby looking wretch. One that 90% of those photos, “his” women are scowering, real unhappy looking and the rest he is groping. I mean how low does it have to go that even unhappy looking women are ….gotta post that!
Jacob Sawasawa Munande Some of yall niggas out here talking shit about this dude but most of yall wish yo bust all kind of nuts just like him but yall get none.
Citar Mignon and that why h.i.v is so damn rampant in the Nigerian community and nobody says a word :/

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